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"Snack regularly as skipping meals may cause you to overeat at meal times."

Additional Benefits of Sunsweet® Prune Juice

Sunsweet® Prune Juice goes beyond being a laxative to nourish the entire body. The sweet, smooth and delicious prunes are bursting with flavour and nutrients putting good health well within your reach.

What benefits does prune juice bring you?

  • Vitamin A for healthy eyes and skin, vision, growth, reproduction and the immune system
  • Vitamin B6 to aid the body in burning fat for energy and assisting in the formation of red blood cells
  • Vitamin E for protecting cell membranes from the damaging effects of oxidation which in turn, may help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer
  • Potassium to help maintain normal blood pressure
  • Magnesium which is vital to many basic metabolic functions
  • Copper that helps the body metabolise and use carbohydrates, thus providing it with energy
  • Calcium to help build bones and teeth
  • Niacin which helps cells use oxygen to release energy
  • Soluble and insoluble dietary fibre linked to lowering blood cholesterol levels (thereby reducing the risk of heart disease) and acting like a laxative
Sunsweet® Prune Juice offers an easy way to stay healthy! Try it for 14 days to see and feel the difference. Ready to Feel Brilliant?

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