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Benefits of Prune Juice

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Fruit juices undoubtedly offer a convenient alternative to whole fruit, and their health benefits have been assumed to be at least as good, if not better than their whole fruit counterparts. Unfortunately, many of us are not aware that juices can provide large quantities of unwanted extra calories. These calories come in the form of sugar, and the large quantities are due to the simple fact that it’s all too easy to consume a large glassful in one go, several times a day.

Sunsweet prune juice is perhaps the exception to the rule- although a small glassful (120-150ml is a portion) is a perfect accompaniment to breakfast, this is one juice we don’t generally drink to excess.

Prune juice is exceptional in another very important way. It is a source of dietary fibre and potassium. Very few pure fruit juices can boast providing dietary fibre in any useful amounts because it is generally removed in the juice making process. Prunes contain soluble and insoluble fibre, so although the insoluble fibre is removed when prune juice is made, the soluble fibre remains. In addition to fibre, Sunsweet prune juice also contains sorbitol, a polyol and carbohydrate. Sorbitol acts a little bit like a sponge, it attracts and holds water and not all of the sorbitol is digested which is why it is so useful! Potassium contributes to maintaining normal blood pressure; helps your muscles work normally; and supports a healthy nervous system.

So whether you’re tucking into a breakfast of eggs, cereal, toast or yoghurt, or following the modern trend for a grab and go breakfast, at some point during your morning, prune juice can count as the first on your 5, 7 or 13 -a-day calculator, before you even step outside the door. Prune juice can be a useful start if you never seem to have time to plan a healthy breakfast. It makes a valuable contribution to a healthy diet, providing a source of fibre and potassium, two of the principle beneficial nutrients contributed by fruit and vegetables in our diet. Prune juice has a velvety, rich taste, but rest assured, Sunsweet prune juice is naturally fat, saturated fat and salt-free, so the flavour is coming just from the sun-ripened, carefully selected Californian prunes that go to make up this fabulous drink.

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